The Chamber for the Protection of Copyrights of Artists, Creators and Performers of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established on January 28, 2021. The establishment of the Chamber was preceded by a series of legislative steps taken by Uzbekistan, both locally and internationally.

Our mission is following:

  • Protecting the economic and moral rights of authors, artists, and performers (ownership holders) and their successors in the field of science, literature, art and culture in the areas established by the law both in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • Ensuring the implementation of authors’ rights and interests in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • Supporting Intellectual Property enforcement;
  • Providing Intellectual Property advice;
  • Assisting to ownership holders in the implementation and protection of their economic and moral rights;
  • Providing the great customer service.

Our mission, governing bodies and procedures are set out in the SIIP Uz Statute in 2021.