The Chamber for the Protection of Copyright of Authors, Creators and Performers participated in the presentation of the Global Alliance of Authors and Performers Organizations as one of co-founders.

The Global Alliance was established in Tbilisi, Georgia by seven CISAC organizations represented seven countries (Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine). Participants discussed a pressing issue in the era of globalization – the protection of copyright. The primary aim of the Global Alliance is to safeguard the intellectual property rights of creators across the globe and to promote a culture of respect for original works.


The digital age has provided immense opportunities for both creators and consumers alike, while simultaneously leading to a rapid increase in copyright infringement cases. In numerous instances, intellectual property is being exploited without proper credit, acknowledgment, or even compensation. This has not just robbed people of their deserved admiration but has threatened their very livelihood.


During videoconference on measures designed to improve the system of intellectual property rights protection, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted the commercial use of works of art and literature without the consent of the author is one of the pressing issues at stake in Uzbekistan. The Chamber for the Protection of Copyright (SIIP) is actively working to solve this issue and the Global Alliance (GAAPO), established with the support of 7 countries is effective measure to for protecting copyright.


The Global Alliance allows us to take collective action against piracy and infringement, while also establishing uniform guidelines essential for smoother collaboration. Moreover, it ensures that creators from various countries have equal access to resources that protect their intellectual property rights. Furthermore, by fostering close communication between copyright organizations globally, we can facilitate easier resolution of disputes and help prevent cross-border infringement cases from occurring in the first place.


Establishing the Global Alliance of Authors and Creators Organization is not just a matter of principle; it is a vital step towards securing the future of creativity worldwide.