The first cooperation meeting between representatives of the George Washington University (USA) and the Chamber for the Protection of Copyrights of Artists, Creators and Performers (Uzbekistan) was held on 13 September 2022 to exchange experiences regarding the field of copyright and intellectual property. The meeting was held as part of a project organized with the support of the United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID).

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss issues related to the study of the legal and judicial system in the field of copyright and related rights, and the development of legislation in the field of intellectual property.

During the meeting, discussions were held on the issues of litigation and mediation, education and legal literacy of the population in the field of copyright protection. The participants supported the agreement to continue cooperation in the educational field and the development of the institution of mediation on copyright and related rights.

Professor B. Toshev, Chairman of the Chamber, noted: “Today, SIIP is actively working in the field of education for legal professionals, as well as for users and right holders. At the same time, we can  observe a shortage of specialists in the field of copyright protection and specialized literature.”

The parties agreed to strengthen cooperation and position of copyright in Uzbekistan